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Design digital and print menus from the same content you publish to the web.

  • Increase customer satisfaction with up-to-date content.
  • Reduce the stress of updating your menus.
  • Elevate your internet presence. Make a bigger impression.

Evergreen Menus is built to streamline menu management and discovery. Who's affected when your menu isn't visible?

Terence - business traveler

Starved and weary, Terence waits at baggage claim after his cross country flight. He pulls up maps on his phone and weakly types “burgers” into the search field. You’re five minutes from the airport, and all the locals know you’ve got the best burger in town. There’s a pin on the map for your restaurant, but your menu is absent from the search results. Instead of discovering your famous local fare, Terence heads to a nationwide franchise.

Michelle - local resident

Michelle sinks into the couch after a long day of work. She pulls up her Facebook feed and notices her friends were recently tagged in photos at your restaurant. With dinner on her mind, she visits your page but there is no menu to be found. Had she seen tonight’s specials, you’d have booked another table for six.

Rodney - craft beer enthusiast

This week, Rodney’s favorite brewery is releasing one of their highly sought after seasonal beers. Having secured a rare shipment from your distributor, you tapped a keg of it just last night. Looking for a place to belly up for the evening, Rodney and his buddies land on your website. Unfortunately, your taps list is almost three weeks out of date, leaving Rodney and his crew looking elsewhere.

Mary - your best bartender

It’s a busy evening for your bartender, Mary. Thirsty patrons are queuing up for drinks, and dining room orders are strong as well. Unfortunately your drink menu is no longer current, and she’s spending about 10 minutes per hour apologizing and making verbal corrections. That’s 10 minutes per hour she’s not pouring drinks and taking cash. How many nights and how many hours have been like this? Are the servers dealing with this friction too?

You've got a great menu. You've got great customers. Now, let Evergreen Menus connect the two, and give each of these stories a happy ending.

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